Qualix is a boutique trust and​ corporate administrator

In today’s market circumstances, we believe that there is room for a specialized boutique corporate and trust professional services provider.

Our aim is to provide a personalized quality service using todays’ technology (OCR, AI and cloud services) at a “value for money price”.

We believe that our staff, as the primary point of contact to our client, is a key asset that needs to be nurtured and developed. This is why we put a lot of effort to recruit well, train our people and more generally to invest in keeping them happy.

Recently, our industry has experienced a tremendous wave of consolidation. This consolidation was justified for valid reasons. To name a few, the need for significant technology investments, the increase in the width of service offerings, the need for a diversified talent scope or the need for global footprint.

This trend also had significant adverse consequences, in particular on the level of services received by the clients and the level of fees: high staff turnover, lack of continuity of service, significant surge of fees driven by financial investors in our industry, loss of the trust and personal relationship between the client and its trusted advisor.

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