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Expanding our Capabilities to Better Serve Our Clients: Qualix's Partnership with Centralis

We decided years ago to be an industry niche-based firm. In the meantime, the business world has become more complex and the fund and corporate fund industry had to adapt accordingly. Conscious that it would be difficult for us to develop internally the necessary skills to serve this type of clients, but wishing to be able to provide these services to our clients if they so request, we have decided to join forces with an experienced partner in this area, Centralis .

Centralis is a fully regulated fund administrator with which Qualix can from now on provide the full set of fund administration services. Our partner brings its expertise to ensure the highest level of quality from the launch phase throughout the entire lifecycle of your investment fund. From assisting with the structuring of your fund to communicating with your investors and ensuring regulatory compliance, we join our skills to deliver an end to end solution you can rely on.

We assist Luxembourg alternative investment funds such as SIF, SICAR, RAIF, ScSp as follows:

  • Fund launch and client onboarding, including the review of the fund documentation, assistance with opening of bank and depository accounts, the carrying out of the AML-KYC process, the implementation of systems, SLA and operating memorandum;
  • Corporate secretary services;
  • Accounting and reporting including NAV calculation, waterfall calculation, fund and investors reporting, filing of regulatory reporting, risk reporting, KPIs and performance measurements;
  • Consolidation;
  • Interim and annual financial reporting under Lux GAAP, IFRS or any internationally accepted standards and guidelines;
  • Tax compliance and reporting in compliance with ATAD and DAC 6 (VAT returns, corporate tax, municipal business tax, FATCA, CRS, etc.);
  • Transfer agent maintaining the shares and commitments registers, coordinating the subscriptions, commitments and drawdowns of shareholders, drafting and dispatching the capital calls, managing the distribution and sending the contract notes and/or capital statements to the shareholders;
  • Cash and liquidity management;
  • Loan and debt administration.

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